Best Hurom juicers in 2020 reviews

In order to meet the expectations of a modern customer, specialists make every effort to create innovative technologies that will bring even more satisfaction from use. The best squeezers for juices are created, which not only allow to enjoy the high efficiency of the device but also make the process of their cleaning even more pleasant. Probably many people have often wondered about buying such equipment, but the vision of careful and tedious cleaning of individual elements effectively discouraged them from buying it.

This fact was taken advantage of by Hurom juicers experts in launching the EASY H100 series. The mesh filter used to protect against the accumulation of flesh in the filter slots is a real revolution in cleaning. All you have to do is rinse the filters under running water. Right, that simple? The best juice squeezers must meet the highest customer expectations. That’s why both the cleaning process and the subsequent installation must be carried out in a comfortable environment. And all of this without compromising on the functionality, still offering the highest quality of manufacture and use.

What is slow juicer?

The heart of the Slow Squeezing Technology (STT), or the slow-running extrusion mechanism mentioned above, is the worm shaft, which reaches a speed of 70 to 120 rpm. As the components are not crushed but are crushed with great force, their cellular structures are not destroyed. In addition, this method of extrusion limits the amount of oxygen entering the juice and does not increase its temperature. All of this results in a full-fledged juice, rich in vitamins and microelements. It is slightly thicker and less clear than the juice prepared in a juicer, and no foam settles on its surface. The advantage of squeezer cocktails is that they are kept in the fridge for quite a long time and can be consumed even 72 hours after squeezing.

The basic division of the squeezers is based on the way the worm shaft is mounted, we can find squeezers with a vertical or horizontal mechanism. The former resembles traditional juice extractors in appearance. Horizontal extruders, although they extrude the juice a bit slower, are distinguished by their extraordinary functionality. Depending on the model, in addition to juice, we can also prepare mousse, puree, vegetable milk and even pasta in them! You can read more about the functions and types of squeezers here.

It is also worth noting that slow-running extrusion technology has been improved for years. The result of specialists’ work is new, increasingly efficient extruders, rich in useful functions and innovative solutions. Recently, a new generation of Hurom Alpha series machines has appeared on the market, which extracts juice from fruit, vegetables, deciduous plants, and even nuts and beans with even greater precision and efficiency. It also allows us to prepare home-made ice cream! All this to extract even more benefits from raw fruit and vegetables, providing a wealth of vitamins and trace elements.

What kind of juicer is Hurom?

Thanks to innovative, slow-moving fruit and vegetable juicers you can enjoy a wealth of vitamins and nutrients every day! The technology that makes Hurom squeezing machines innovative is based on the slow-running Slow Squeezing Technology. Thanks to it, you can prepare a full-fledged juice from any ingredients, including herbs, deciduous plants, and sprouts.

Best Hurom juicers in 2020 reviews

1. Hurom Elite Slow Juicer Model HH-SBB11 Wine.

Slow juicer Hurom elite model HH-SBB11 Wine review.

The Hurom Elite HH-SBB11 is a masticating juicer with a 150-watt motor that rotates at 43 RPM. Like many other juicers, the Hurom has its own safety features. If any of the parts are not in place, the machine will not turn on. This is important as sometimes assembling can go wrong which could lead to undesirable results. Huroms juicer goal is to fill your everyday life with delicious, easy-to-make juices squeezed from fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables.

We would like to introduce you to a lifestyle that incorporates Hurom and all the natural health benefits that come along with it. It combines great features and it is good at extracting juice. It is designed to preserve the flavors and aromas of fresh fruits and vegetables by minimizing oxidation and their exposure to the heat generated by the juicers motor.

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2. Hurom Slow Juicer H-AA-RBA17 (Ferrari Red).

HUROM slow juicer cold press h-aa-rba17 review.

The latest juicer Hurom H-AA slow-speed extruder is the flagship model in the Hurom family – the first to use the innovative Alpha SST extrusion technology. The Hurom H-AAA is characterized by its stylish design, excellent performance, simplified cleaning system and a new grinding function (e.g. ice-cream preparation). The H-AAA extruder is the most efficient device of its kind on the market, enabling the preparation of high quality, full of vitamins and clear juice.

In a standard blender or juice extractor, the juice is extracted by means of very fast rotating blades, which leads to the tearing of vegetable and fruit fibers and consequently to juice delamination. In addition, the high speed of the blades results in their heating, which has a very negative effect on the vitamins, enzymes, and phytochemicals contained in fresh vegetables and fruits, and it is these that we care about most. The worm shaft of the Hurom H-AA Alpha extruder rotates at 43 rpm and the brushes rotate at only 17 orbs./min. which is the best result of all extruders available on the market. Such low rpm guarantees a fully valuable juice, unframed and non-oxidized.

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3. Hurom HP Slow Juicer, White.

See Hurom HP slow cold pressed juicer.

The stylish Hurom HP Slow Juicer product will satisfy all your juice needs. Whether you make orange juice, almond milk or sorbets, the slow HP Juicer will meet the challenge. Its compact size ensures a comfortable fit for any kitchen worktop.

Stylish design: The HP Hurom Slow Juicer has subtle, wide curves that will catch everyone’s eye. Although it has less juice than our other juicer, HP is ideal for personal or even family use.

Slow Squeeze Technology: The slow HH Elite juicer rotates at just 43 revolutions per minute to mimic the movement of the squeezing juice. Hurom Slow Squeeze technology ensures that your juice stays fresh and retains all its natural nutrients.

Taste: Hurom has spent decades perfecting our slow-setting juicers for taste. Hurom is fresh, unprocessed and clean.

Efficiency: Hurom’s unique auger conveyor squeezes every drop of juice, giving a much higher yield.

Easy to clean: During squeezing, the internal rotating brush rotates to simultaneously clean the chamber and sieve, reducing clogging and increasing squeezing capacity.

Quality: Made of BPA-resistant, impact-resistant ABS plastic body, Hurom is extremely durable. The robust mesh filter and the Ultem screw are 8 times stronger than traditional plastics so that the slow Hurom juicer can cope with years of daily use.

Versatility: Works great on fruits (even ripe bananas and soft, delicate berries), cabbage vegetables, green leaves, nuts, and soya, creating nutritious juices, milk, tofu and much more.

Safety: Dual safety sensors only allow the machine to operate when the chamber is fully and accurately mounted on the base. A built-in cooling system with integrated vents prevents overheating. The chute has sufficient dimensions to keep your small fingers out. Most importantly, no blades are used in our products.

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4. Hurom Slow Juicer H-AA-WWA17 (White).

Get Hurom slow cold press juicers h-aa-wwa17.

Hurom cares about the needs of its customers, which is why its offer includes, among other things, such devices as a multifunctional slow-speed squeezer. For example, thanks to the Hurom Chef GD Plus model, apart from delicious juice, we can also prepare pasta. The slow-speed squeezer for fruit and vegetables, if equipped with additional functions, is a versatile kitchen tool.

For restaurants, bars or juice bars, juicers designed for professional use have been designed for the benefit of regular consumption of freshly squeezed juice. The One Stop technology allows you to customize the mode of operation to suit your individual needs, effectively combining functionality with the comfort of use. As well as the ability to adjust juice density, these are the best juice squeezers for professional use.

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What is the best juicer for juicing?

The best slow-moving juicers are the equipment that will make life easier for healthy juice lovers, but at the same time, before we choose the optimal model, it is worth to specify our own expectations, mainly in terms of which products we will use most often and which functionalities we care most about. Ease of use, a wide range of functions (cold press juicer) and, above all, a daily dose of vitamins in the form of a delicious juice are the most important advantages of juicers, thanks to which these devices are still popular. But let’s stop at the last one – how does slow-moving squeezing technology affect the nutritional value of juice and why is drinking fresh juice so important for our health?


Hopefully, our reviews have helped you understand what you’re looking for in a juicer Hurom. While it’s not always easy to shop online, i believe that well-informed consumers make great buys, and hope that you can now find the model of your dreams.

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